How To Pack A Winter Emergency Safety Kit For Your Car

We all know that winter in Canada can be a little rough. When the temps start to take a downward dip, there are important measures you should be considering before you go for a wintry drive. 

Besides the big one – snow tires (!), if you’re going for any long distance, travelling in a rural area, or driving during non-peak hours, you probably want to think about keeping an emergency safety kit in your trunk. If you get into a winter accident or your car breaks down, you’ll be happy you thought ahead!

First, you’ll want to try and stay in your vehicle if possible. This will keep you from getting lost and will also provide some shelter from the outdoor elements. Turn off your vehicle as much as you can to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. 

In your kit, you should always have 

  • Some form of food and water. Protein bars don’t spoil and also give your body an energy boost
  • Extra clothing and/or blanket. Think layers, one of the best ways to combat hypothermia
  • A first aid kit
  • A small shovel and a scraper/snowbrush
  • A candle and matches
  • Booster cables

Try to stay alert so that you can spot help when it is on its way and try to conserve your energy. You can clean off your car but avoid any major shoveling that could tire you out completely.

Phone reception is not always reliable and batteries die faster in the cold. Make sure you tell someone where you are going and when they can expect you back so that helpers know where to look for you.

Be safe this winter!

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