Become a Great Babysitter: Top Tips for Teens and Pre-Teens!

Here are our top teen babysitting tips for your teens and pre-teens as they grow up and start looking to expand their horizons. They are leaving behind the days of just being kids and starting to take on bigger roles. We know a lot about helping young people learn to care for kids. We’ve made a guide to help your teen or pre-teen become an awesome babysitter.

Main Tips

Getting Started with Babysitting

If your teen wants to start babysitting, they need to be ready and know what they’re doing. Here’s how:

  • Training: Sign up your teen for a babysitting class. They’ll learn about safety, first aid, and how to take care of kids.
  • Being Responsible: Remind your teen to always be on time and follow the rules.

Safety First!

Babysitting means keeping kids safe. Here are some key things to remember:

  • Handling Emergencies: Make sure your teen knows what to do in an emergency and how to call for help quickly.
  • Checking for Dangers: Show them how to look around and make sure the place is safe for kids.

Making Babysitting Fun

It’s not just about watching the kids. Good babysitters play and have fun with them too!

  • Playtime: Give your teen ideas for fun, safe games and activities for kids of different ages.
  • Routines: Talk to them about sticking to bedtime or mealtime routines that kids might have.

Turning Skills into Jobs

Once your teen knows how to babysit, help them find people who need babysitters:

  • Make a Profile: Help them make a short profile that talks about what they can do and when they’re free.
  • Spread the Word: Tell your friends and family. Also, you can post online in local groups.

Wrapping Up

Babysitting is a big step. It’s a way for your teen or pre-teen to start becoming more independent, earn some money, and learn to take care of others. It’s important for them to be ready and do a good job and these teen babysitting tips can help them do just that.

Think about this: Is your teen ready to start this new challenge? How can you help them?

Next Steps: What To Do Next?

  • Get Our Babysitting Checklist: We made a checklist for your teen. It has everything they need to remember when babysitting. Download The Complete Babysitter’s Checklist
  • Talk to Us: Want more help? Call us and we can give more tips or answer questions.
  • Take a Course: Check out our online course for young people to become better babysitters.
  • Share With Others: If this guide helped, share it with others so more teens can learn to babysit!

Let’s help our teens grow up with confidence and kindness. Babysitting is a great way for them to learn, earn, and help others!

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